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Restaurants & Bars

All-day dining restaurants
Curry Ramen

Youmen (Ramen & Sushi & Sashimi)

Emphasizing on taste, presentation and freshness, Youmen impression of authentic Japanese dining experience, serves a broad range of ramen including sushi and sashimi.

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Wood-1820 Restaurant

Wood 1820 is the hotel’s all-day dining restaurants, offering Asian, Western, and Indonesian Authentic cuisines served on its Culinary Theater stations and buffet spread.  A contemporary restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a lively atmosphere.

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El Tucan Pool Bar

The Pool Bar is an urban oasis, where guests can relax on lounge chair and sip drinks while basking in the desert sun.

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KAY's Café & Bar

With full entertainment concept, the KAY’s Café & Bar is an ideal place to chill and relax. The KAY’s Bar offers you a good atmosphere and impressive selection of refreshing meals and beverages while enjoying live music by local band.

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Mansionnete Bakery

The Mansionnete bakery located on the lobby floor, the wide range of bread selection available to pampered your taste. Lively enjoy our delicious bread freshly baked every day start from 09.00 am to 09.00 pm.

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Sky Lounge

Sky lounge situated on the 40th floor, the highest level of Marc Hotel Passer Baroe offers a magnificent view with nightlife atmosphere and fully entertaining. Guests will be able to unwind and enjoy the remarkable view and millions of lights from way up high at night.

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