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Safety Protocol of Yuan Garden Pasar Baru

The health and safety of our guests and employees is our highest priority. As the COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the country, Yuan Garden Pasar Baru assures our guests and business partners that they are staying in safe, healthy and comfortable accommodation. At Yuan Garden Pasar Baru, we strive to provide no less than extraordinary guest experiences, even in these challenging days.

Our Committment to Care

Providing safe and clean environment is our commitment. We remain committed to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and want all of our guests to feel at ease when enjoying Yuan Garden Pasar Baru. We take extra precautionary measures and set up new procedures in our daily routine based on guidelines from our local health authorities.

  • FACE MASK – is required when entering the hotels, and when moving around inside all public areas, restaurants and conference. So, put on your best ‘on-the-go’ mask and rock that look!
  • HAND SANITIZER – is available in the public area for all the guests.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – We make sure to keep a safe distance. Signs and visual cues are installed to remind our guests to practice social distancing.
  • THE STAFF – is all trained in hygiene protocols that prevent the spread of infectious diseases and make you feel safe. They wash and sanitieze hands after every encounter, and will be wearing face masks at all times (We promise that they still will be having their brightest smile on to welcome you). Every colleague is required to stay home if feeling unwell.
  • CLEAN SURFACES – We clean and disinfected surfaces frequently throughout the day with special attention to high-touch area. We are using high-level hygiene products, that still live up to the environmental requirements.
  • CASH FREE – We offer cash-free methods of payments in the lobby, lobby lounge, and restaurants.
  • ELEVATORS – are limited to a maximum number of guests


We committed to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and follow the recommendations of our local health authorities. Yuan Garden Pasar Baru is still open and always ready to serve you with greatest care.



Yuan Garden Pasar Baru
Jl. Pintu Air V No. 53, Pasar Baru
Sawah Besar Jakarta, Indonesia 10710
T: +(62) 21 5088 1000
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