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Privacy Policy

YUAN GARDEN PASAR BARU - JAKARTA is owned and operated by PT. Pasar Baru Mansion Group ("" or "us"). This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, disclose, process and protect the personally identifiable information ("Personal Data") that you ("Users") can provide in connection with the  service available through the website at and the application YUAN GARDEN PASAR BARU - JAKARTA ("Website"). Personal Data means data, whether true or not, about an individual that can be identified from the data, or from data and other information that the organization has access to or might have. By visiting or using the Website, You agree and agree to the collection, use, disclosure and processing of your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and / or Website Terms. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy below, please leave the Website immediately.


1. Background
In order to safeguard any information related to identity, activities and all forms of communication with Users of the service, we hereby make this privacy policy service for Website Users.

2. Effective
This policy is effective starting December 14, 2017

3. The purpose of was made to make it easy for service users to be able to make hotel room reservations at YUAN GARDEN PASAR BARU - JAKARTA easily and efficiently so that in accordance with the mission and purpose of, namely to provide facilities for service users to get hotel rooms that are fast, easy, and in accordance with the needs of users.
Based on this, we strive to provide the best protection for personal data and information of service users. Service users can choose their own data and information to be shared. Through this Privacy Policy, we determine what can be done by to collect and use data and personal information of service users and every means and steps to be taken related to privacy protection of service users.

4. Filling and Using Personal Data.

  • Charging Personal Data  - To access and use the service, it can be done without providing the user's personal data (anonymous). However, if you want to make the most of services, service users will be asked to create a personal account or register as an official service user by providing personal information such as (but not limited to) the service user's name, telephone number, address / location where residence, e-mail address or other information.


  • Use of Personal Data Personal - Data submitted by service users are used to:
  1. Give permission to service users accessing and using the Website and Services
  2. Send e-mail , SMS or any other form of communication related to the use of the service, for the purpose of verifying identity, personal data and to be requested for other interests related to the service.
  3. Add service users to the message delivery list, send service users information on the latest attractive products and promotions from Consumers can unsubscribe from the list and dismiss the message delivery receipts and information about the latest promotional products any time via a link ( link ) that is included in the message sent.
  4. Use of third party services on the Website including but not limited to credit card and payment transaction processing, website hosting , service provisioning and data analysis.

5. Other
information User data and service information contained in the browser engine will be recorded automatically whenever the service user visits the website. The data does not recognize you as an individual, but the data includes:

  1. Computer IP Address;
  2. Browser type;
  3. Pages that service users visit at;
  4. The length of time visiting the page,
  5. Matters and information sought by service users on the Website;
  6. Time and date of visiting the page; and
  7. Other related statistics.

The information collected is used to analyze, evaluate and aim to help improve and / or improve the quality of the Website and services to service Users. Data collection is carried out anonymously and will not be used for matters relating to personal data.

6. Cookies. 
To improve services, we use cookies and / or Google Analytics . We also use Google Analytics marketing services to advertise online. The third vendor, including Google, will display ads on other internet websites. We and third-party vendors, including Google, use first-party cookies (such as Google Analytics Cookies) and third-party cookies (such as DoubleClick Cookies). To notify, optimize and display advertisements in accordance with the User's previous service visits to the Website, and report on how ad impressions, other uses of advertising services, and the relationship with ad impressions and related ad services to visit the website.

7. Links ( links ) to Other websites may provide links to other websites that are outside of supervision. is not responsible for the privacy practices, products, services or other content of websites or pages that are outside of control and also is not responsible for the content and / or policies of third party websites.

8. Disclosure of Information will not provide personal data that you have provided to other parties, except as needed for legal process or with the permission of service users. However, we may disclose or transfer personal data or information belonging to service users, including (but not limited to) disclosure to third party service providers to, which is officially involved to assist in developing the Website and services .com

9. Information Protection

The commitment of is to take steps to ensure that the data and personal information collected is free from the possibility of loss, misuse, harassment, modification or use, access, disclosure, modification, change and damage that is not valid or not intentional. ensures that the data collected is stored securely and will protect personal information by restricting access to personal data; maintain and implement systems to protect computer access illegally; and destroying and / or deleting the personal information of the service user when he is no longer needed.
The confidentiality of the password is the responsibility of each User. is not responsible for any losses that may be caused by the User's negligence in maintaining the confidentiality of his password.

10. Changes to Privacy Policy can change and modify this Privacy Policy at any time if necessary. Users of the service will get notifications about these changes. Users of the service agree and are bound to changes made by including the changes contained therein if after such changes continue to access and continue to use our services.

11. Other Information. 
If service users:

  1. Want to access;
  2. Want to correct or change anything to the personal data that has been collected to
  3. Have any questions or requests related to this Privacy Policy.

Please contact us by providing information and reasons to us via email or contact us at 021-50881000.

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